Our Approach

The United States is one of the most lucrative markets in the world due to its size and diversity, but it is also one of the most competitive. To succeed in such a competitive market, each company must clearly determine which customers to target, how it will serve them and what products to offer. What is even more difficult is to stay competitive given the United States is a dynamic market and trends and price points may shift very quickly and seasonally.

So, how can a company make sure it enters such a vast and competitive market with the best product and marketing strategy without committing to a major up-front investment?

Global Trade & Communication has developed a proven 3-stage process that allows our clients to evaluate and test how their product offerings stack up against the competition without committing to a major up-front investment and a long-term export strategy. Our experts guide your company through each stage which takes the guesswork out of the equation and allows you to devise a strategy that is based on measurable metrics and data.


During the evaluation stage, our experienced professionals work with each client company to evaluate its product offerings and its competitive position to determine in what market segments and price points the company is likely to be successful. During the evaluation stage, we also explore all legal requirements a company must meet in order to export and sell its products in the United States. At the end of this stage, we provide a fully customized, data-based report for our clients that provide them the “hard facts” about their competition and the concrete steps they must take to launch a successful business in the United States. Our policy during the evaluation stage is to be “brutally honest” in offering our clients a complete picture of where their business stands before they commit to a large and questionable investment.

Some of the important areas we cover during our evaluation stage includes:

Competitive Analysis, Pricing Analysis, Market Positioning
Product Analysis, Market Strategy
Legal and Taxation Analysis
Intellectual Property Rights Analysis
Product Compliance, Environmental, and Health & Safety Requirements Analysis

Pilot Launch

We recommended our clients who have successfully completed the evaluation stage and demonstrated that they are in a strong position to compete in the United States markets to go through a pilot launch stage. During the pilot launch stage, we work with our clients to develop a strong go-to-market strategy including identifying specific products to market, and where and how to market them. In this stage, we also assign a client advocate who works with our clients to set up a strong online presence on Amazon Marketplace and we create the product pages for all test products. The pilot launch enables us to verify the findings of the evaluation stage and allows us to test the target market segments and make critical adjustments before launching a full scale export program.

Some of the important work we do during our pilot launch stage includes:

Development of pilot market program and all required infrastructure
Marketing and sales of test products
Development of a strategic action plan for full scale marketing by utilizing the data and findings of the pilot launch stage

Full Scale Export Program

We only recommend a small percentage of our clients to launch a full scale export program and companies who can make it to this stage will have demonstrated that they have an efficient supply chain, a strong competitive advantage and the commitment to establishing a long-term presence in the United States. During the full scale launch stage, our goal is not only limited to initiating a full scale export program, but also developing a long-term business operation that is dynamic and sustainable.

We offer an ongoing management contract for companies prepared to launch a full scale export program. Some of our services within this framework include:

Implementation of an annual business strategy and US sales program based on a strategic development plan
Management of Amazon Marketplace presence and monthly operations including customer support
Preparation of financial reports
Ongoing strategic planning to expand product offerings in the US and increase sales

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