Foreign trade statement from Minister Pekcan

Originally published in Sozcu on March 27, 2020

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan said the foreign trade will definitely see a decline due to coronavirus. The first impact will be felt from March datas.

Minister of Trade Pekcan stated at the press conference that they are working to reduce the impact by contactless trade. Pekcan said, “Our trade figures will of course be affected.

We follow it day by day. We reached 1,140 trucks in Iraq, but our exports to Iraq decreased by 50%. It decreased to 80% for Iran. When you look at total foreign trade, there will be a decrease. We are working towards the least.”


Pekcan drew attention to increase in railway transportation; contactless trade practices carried out by railway, sea and overland. “We are working to reduce this (the decline in foreign trade) by working with our business world with the precautions we have taken and we are trying to do this…
I want our business world to continue trading using the opportunities. ” “We have to focus on railways during this period,” Pekcan said, “We have resolved our problem with Iran through the railway connected with Kapıköy.”


Pekcan said that the half of Turkey’s exports are to the EU; she said that they were able to trade without contact from Europe, especially Italy and France, from ports such as Pendik, Tuzla Ambarlı, Yalova and Mersin.

Pekcan also stated that in Turkey’s development plan, there is an export target of 190 billion dollars for 2020. “I believe that we have made serious progress with contactless export, ” she said.

Pekcan cited Iraq as an example of contactless trade in overland transport. She said that the drivers took the vehicle to the bumper area and the drivers came and received the container, and then the disinfected vehicle was taken back.

“On this occasion, we are working to restore our trade with Iraq to the old levels,” Pekcan said. Pekcan explained the contactless trade on the railroad with the words “Our locomotives push the train, and locomotives in Iran pull the train when it enters the Iranian border.” (REUTERS)


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